Artist Statement

One of the most powerful things about art is how its impact changes based on the viewer. Individuals bring their own lives, experiences, associations, and knowledge with them when they approach art; because of this, art exists differently for each person who encounters it.


I create work that aims to generate empathetic conversations about human emotion and experience. My practice seeks to reveal the most private existence of myself and share my experiences in a way that others can connect to. I want it to resonate with my viewers and open an avenue to explore their own lives through. The art which I create functions as a visual narrative, documenting my personal emotional realities on paper for the world to see and process.


I use mark-making, color, form, writing, composition, and presentation to visually translate my emotions. Within my practice, I research the psychology behind emotional processes within the body and nervous system, as well as response to color, form, and mark. I use this research as a basis for my methodology, but allow my interpretation of it and my own understanding to dictate what is actually represented. My goal with my work is to construct an environment to immerse the viewer in so that they may confront their own reality through it. In a world which often focuses on immense issues, whether political, environmental, or economical, I choose to focus on the individual. I aim to bring out the importance of quotidian, domestic life and maintaining a healthy mental and emotional state through the exploration of my own difficult and successful experiences.


By creating this work, I search for new ways to represent visceral experience, relying on my personal associations with color, mark, and composition, rather than fully on traditional symbols. By practicing in this manner, the work is genuine to myself and is able to exist completely separate from my existence at the same time. It lives as my interpretation, but is available for the viewer to bring their own lives and knowledge to it. My hope is that my work presents a raw experience, one which visually entices and viscerally engages.

About the Artist:


Rachael Bailey recently moved to Sharon, PA as an Artist-in-Resident at Hope Center for Arts and Technology, Inc. She is originally from New Albany, IN and graduated from Indiana University Southeast with BFAs in Drawing and in Painting, as well as an Art History Minor. She works with mixed media to make pieces which bring realism and abstract methods together to create a visceral experience, exploring her personal experiences and visually representing the emotions which accompany them. She has shown multiple times in solo exhibitions, two person exhibitions, and juried and group exhibitions. Her work has received awards in several juried shows, she has been granted a research fellowship to pursue her work with, and has presented her work and artistic concepts on numerous occasions, both to the academic world and the broader public. She has also taught classes and workshops, both in the academia fields and community art centers.  

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